We are traveling as a family from Yorktown, Virginia to Astoria, Washington by bicycle!

2008 Yorktown, Virginia to Damascus, Virginia- 531 miles

2009 Damascus, Virginia to the Mississippi River- 754 miles

2010 Mississippi River to Hutchinson, Kansas – 638 miles
2011 Hutchinson, Kansas to Baggs, Wyoming (to be determined…)

Our journey across the United States consists of a series of trips, strung together and woven into our busy schedule. To date, our journey has taken us 1,923 miles. Each segment of our travels lasts approximately three weeks. We are immersed in grass roots America, each day full of surprise and discovery. We have learned a lot about our family, our need for lower gears, bugs, and the stifling humidity. We have many memories to share long into the future. The warm reception we have received in town after town is amazing and inspiring.

We invite you to follow us on our journey across the country by checking out our daily journal entries.

Happy Trails,
Team Lieber